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High-Quality Brake Repairs Delivered To Your Fleet For Less.

Our mobile fleet repair services increase vehicle up-time, reduces wear and tear, and simplifies your day-to-day operations — all while saving you time and money.

NuBrakes is rated 4.94/5 by 4398 brake repair customers


Taking your fleet to the shop for repairs increases wear and tear, reduces usability, which ultimately costs your business precious time and money.

Save ON Time & Money

Eliminate the extra time and money it takes to send yourself or an employee to the repair shop.

Minimize Wear & Tear

Reduce the amount of unnecessary mileage and wear on your vehicle by eliminating the shop trips.

Repair Around Your Schedule

Choose a repair schedule that works around your business operations, or schedule on-demand service as needed.

Gain Insight Into Your Fleet

Manage your scheduling, payments and repair history online with our fleet management software and integrations.

Keep Your Vehicles Safe

Keep your vehicles on-site and reduce the chance for theft or damage while they’re out of your care.


We’re proud to offer some of the best customer service in the business. From scheduling to general questions, we’ve got your back.

Case Studies

Read how other business owners have taken advantage of the NuBrakes fleet services.

Fast Dash

Amazon Delivery Service Provider

Fast Dash provides Amazon delivery services for the Austin metro area and vehicle up-time is crucial. By switching to NuBrakes Fast Dash saves ~15% per repair compared to their previous shop provider.

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