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Brake Drum Pricing

Average Job Cost

$275 - $399

Per Axle

The average brake drum replacement cost averages between $275 and $399 depending on the type of the vehicle you have the type of repair shop you’re taking your vehicle to. At NuBrakes, our technicians come to your house or office to do the repair and we don’t markup our parts, meaning, we’re super convenient and more affordable than going to the shop!

  • The type of brake shop performing the repair
  • Your vehicle’s manufacturer
  • Are other brake services also needed?

Choose The Best Brake Repair Option For You

It’s important to be in tune with your brake drum repair options and how the type of shop will affect the pricing they offer to you. Dealerships will always be the most expensive option for brake rotor replacement. Traditional brick and mortar repair shops will typically provide more affordable brake repair prices than the dealership. However, mobile brake repair services, like NuBrakes, usually provide the best prices because they have significantly less operational overhead… And not to mention, a much more convenient experience… A true win-win.

Drum Replacement

Traditional Repair Shop

$199 - $589


$259 - $725


$159 - $399

Potential Savings

5% - 30%

Brake Drum FAQ

What is a brake drum?

Brake drums are most commonly found on older vehicles that were manufactured before 1998. That being said, some newer vehicles, such as Chevrolet Silverado’s, are still manufactured with drum brakes. Drum brakes function similarly to break pads and rotors… The brake shoes press up against the drums to create friction which slows the rotation of the wheel.

How does a brake drum work?

Drum brakes are very similar to disc brakes… Whenever you press on the brake pedal, fluid will flow through the brake lines via the master cylinder and create friction by pressing the brake shoes against the brake drums. Drum brakes are known to create slightly more friction than disc brake which enables a more efficient deceleration.

What are the symptoms related to a bad brake drum?

Soft or Weak Brakes: If your car doesn’t feel like it is stopping quickly or responding correctly whenever you press down on the brake pedal, you may need to replace the brake shoes and drums.

Squeaking, Rubbing, or Grinding Noises: As your brake shoes wear down, they’ll start to grind against your brake drums. The grinding will create an audible noise that you’ll definitely be able to hear. If you begin to experience any noises when you brake, we recommend getting your brakes replaced as quickly as possible to hopefully avoid further damage to your drums or brakes disc rotors.

Brake Pedal Vibrations: Just like rotors, your brake drums will naturally wear down over time. Whenever they wear out, you’ll begin to feel a vibrating or fluttering feeling in your brake pedal. People will often not think much of the vibrating pedal if they don’t hear other noises, however, we highly recommend getting your brakes inspected if you’re experiencing this for safety and repair cost minimization.

Weak or Loose Parking Brake: The parking brake on your vehicle is often dependent on a firm squeeze between the brake shoes and drums to ensure the car is parked securely, especially when parked on a hill. Whenever there is an issue with your drums and/or brake shoes, the parking brake will feel loose whenever you try to engage it. You might also find that the vehicle feels like it is slipping whenever you engage the parking brake.

Is it safe to drive with a brake drum problem?

If you’re experiencing braking issues, we highly recommend against driving your vehicle. It is not safe. You should get your brakes inspected by a professional to determine where the issues are coming from and to properly get the brakes repaired.

How often should brake drums be replaced?

Brake drums are often times replaced at the same you’d be replacing your brake shoes, between 30,000 and 60,000 miles, depending on your driving habits and standard driving conditions.

How to replace a brake drum?

Jack up the vehicle and ensure it is secured safely using jack stands

Remove the tire and wheel assembly from the vehicle

Next, you’ll remove the brake drum from the wheel hub. You may find that the drum has rusted onto the hub, making it more difficult to remove

Once you have gotten the drum removed, you should properly inspect the brake shoes, springs, parking brake mechanism, and wheel cylinder.

Replace the old brake shoe and install the new drum. Anytime you’re replacing the brake drums, you’ll also need to replace the shoes.

Put the tire back onto the vehicle and lower the vehicle off the jack stands

Can I replace the brake drum myself?

We definitely recommend employing a professional mechanic to repair your drum brakes. The process of replacing drums on a vehicle is not an easy task and its important that the replacement is done properly to ensure you and your vehicle’s safety. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could give a brake drum replacement your best shot but keep in mind that there are several small pieces and springs involved that can quickly create a headache.


Our mobile brake repair technicians provide top-rated, certified brake drum replacements from the comfort of your home or office.

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